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We provide the tool our FutureLog WebShop and you use it together with your regular suppliers. Instead of having several of your buyers for example the chef, the room service and housekeeping team leaders communicate their orders by fax, phone or e-mail to the various suppliers, they all use one and the same platform the WebShop. Transmission errors are thus virtually eliminated, the shop never closes, and you save a lot of valuable time.

The product databases are regularly updated by your suppliers, and you order the items you need by logging in and placing your orders with a few clicks of the mouse. Simple and efficient: one log-in gives you access to the product ranges of all your suppliers. And to make things even simpler, you can retrieve previous orders and use them for your next shopping basket.

All this takes place in a secure environment. Neither the specific terms and conditions you agreed with your suppliers nor your orders can be accessed by any other FutureLog WebShop user. Full confidentiality is guaranteed at all times.

FutureLog AG - Oberneuhofstrasse 12 - CH-6340 Baar - Tel. +41 41 759 18 04 - team.fl@futurelog.ch